certain churches try to mediate between worldliness and what seems to be seen by them as mainstream Christianity

and I’ve heard it argued by a few that these churches are good for worldly types with burgeoning interest in faith, as a sort of gateway or greeting place

but, as I’ve observed, worldly types in whom a real zeal for truth blossoms tend to become even more extreme than their counterparts who grew up in the church

the newcomers tend to go right after the hard center, excited by its purity, while the old and semi-cynical tend to drift towards the periphery

in fact, the churches that try to gain middle ground (and might as well dilute the wine with water, if you ask me)—these churches attract more Christians interested in justifying their worldliness than worldlings interested in faith

A religion is like a penis. It’s fine to have one, it’s fine to be proud of it, but that doesn’t mean you should whip it out and wave it around in public.

clever, but let’s get critical

precepts of this joke:

"in public" vs. private, which also describes your genitals—ipso facto the phrase ‘private parts’

"it’s fine" because having your religion is as normal (and as healthy) as having genitals and being happy with them

"but that doesn’t mean" means people share their religions primarily because they are probably a little too proud of what they’ve got

"you should" as representative of an overriding set of morals which religions are subordinate to

ironically enough, this joke reinforces and plays off of the U.S. remnants of Puritan prudery, making fun of and referring to them

namely by riffing on the notion that the reproductive organs of the human anatomy are ‘something to be ashamed of’


should evangelists condescend to this level?—to under this silly spell, not out of respect for it but out of sensitivity to those bewitched by it?

there are plenty of illusions in our culture which Christians shouldn’t tolerate, but bending our knee to pay homage to our brothers’ and sisters’ deities pro tem just to kneel beside our family… ?

in the nascent Church, what did Roman and Greek Christians do?

Christ wasn’t a consistent taxpayer, and yet he did say ‘render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s,’… ?

it seems like such an equivocal situation these days (not to mention all other days too, poor Guy Fawkes!)

maybe this could offer insight,

Jesus’ disciples are commanded against serving more than one master (God), and what’s more they receive the truth that the act is impossible in translation from intent to realization

don’t attempt it, Christ explains, because true pluralism is a proud fantasy

at least in the human heart

still, politics aren’t addressed directly and politics are what I’m looking for


it’d be interesting to examine the double standard of genital display in American culture,

men are (casually) encouraged to dress and act with a sense of self-respect and discouraged from making fools of themselves by such an act as to “whip it out and wave  [their penises] around in public”

there’s still a mixture of dignity and pride for men

meanwhile women are encouraged to dress and act according to a separate sensibility, which seems to lack the core attributes that men’s has

i.e. that mixture of dignity and pride, those defining characteristics of self-respect, and that ideal of nobleness that disgraces all foolish behavior

culture bombards women from a young age with a model of conduct that includes, and especially, the type of physical display that ‘leaves little to the imagination’

this model was created, I can only guess, by the pollution in a patriarchic social structure (i.e. by the tyranny of men’s lust)

whaddya gonna do?

perhaps it shouldn’t surprise me

today I accomplished everything urgent and important

and I worked diligently

but I also found that most of my work was in vain,

and most of what happened today wasn’t planned

perhaps it shouldn’t surprise me, but

on the same day that I get everything done that I need to do

I also achieve twice as much


the enormity of lust is heavy on my heart, esp. in light of

sex talk at the Word

sex talk with Gray

sex talk by John

1st day chaste

"First thing, I saw these guys as scientifically accomplished but ethically, morons. They never had any reasons before to have ethical questions. So when they’re hit with this device they’re blindsided by it."

—Shane Carruth, director

"It’s not that the time machine … seems more realistic; it’s that the time travelers themselves seem more believable. They talk and act (and think) like the kind of people who might accidentally figure out how to move through time, which is why it’s the best depiction we have of the ethical quandaries that might result from such a discovery.”

—Chuck Klosterman, NYTimes essayist / film critic

In my own words, I was most stirred by the fact that we were drawn into a story so hypothetical, so unrealistic, and yet moved enough by the choices within its context to paint one character (Abe) as a hero, and the other (Aaron) as a villain. At least in my own case, I disliked the one who seemed to exercise the most power, which was always represented by knowledge. At first, this was Abe and later on it was Aaron.

It’s just so interesting how ideas develop moral significance for us, especially ideas of other people’s moral value—their ‘characters’, as it were.

don’t really know whether I ought to even have a tumblr anymore

I have moleskine notebooks

(digression worth pursuit: how should I pronounce “moleskine”?

'mole-skin' is acceptable, but 'mole-skein', as Jaime says, is also acceptable

—and also anything I might prefer is acceptable, according to the moleskine website)

the reason I brought up moleskines was this:

I seesaw over the axis of preference for writing / typing

but right now I want to write

and I could attempt to explain, but I don’t feel like it

the attempt at a gastrointestinal diary is a failure, etc.

whatever I end up doing, I don’t want to delete either of my tumblr accounts

I’ve put some pretty good stuff up on them

so this’ll stay here, and stay put

for now

c. 12:10 BM, sulfrous smelling, and urination


I want to be more lighthearted,

but I was born serious and pensive

and my natural bent is still serious and pensive

how to become lighthearted… ?


I want to be more childlike,

to play more often, etc.

and especially a better sense of humor

as I’ve realized, I am a child still, but even as a child my play was serious

3/5-3/9, spring break

last wednesday, 4/4 (next remembered)

probably 2 weeks before that

but possibly 3 weeks without

now, 1 day from a week past

so, projected danger zone starts 4/16

a good weekend, worth recounting later

now, in bed, reading this: http://tinyurl.com/rowanwilliamsressurection

and soon, sleep


considering the above sermon….

don’t worry about your actions—especially your future, and the futures and actions of your friends and family—as if God doesn’t exist, or as if He’s inactive. Don’t try to overachieve out of forgetfulness that He does the greater part in all things. If you become more aware of space for action, leave holy space for His action. Don’t stress. The fate of the world doesn’t depend on you alone.

you are a part of God’s will by His grace; you are a participant. But if you aren’t treating it like a gift, then you’re misunderstanding your role. And that makes you do the wrong thing—in most cases, too much (an excess).

nevertheless, act when you action is required of you. Do all you can. If you can’t do it peacefully, in honor of God, then don’t do it. Do something else. Usually, God will give you His way to come at a problem if you simply ask and wait.

remember what Archbishop Rowan Williams taught:

"to believe that everything doesn’t depend on us delivers us from two potentially deadly temptations,"

(1) the temptation to reckless action (“to do something, anything”) all because we can’t stand feeling like we are powerless

and furthermore, because we can’t stand to let ourselves choose to be powerless

if we don’t have some physical sense that we’re making a difference, if we feel like we’re letting things just go on, we want to make it so that we do

and we’ll make sacrifices to see, hear, or feel change; we’ll work at great cost to ourselves an others

just to act, acting out for the sake of action

(2) the temptation to be consumed by (to believe in) the anxiety that we haven’t done enough,

so consumed that we never have time to be ourselves, i.e. to be still and enjoy who we are and what we have

this is a kind of self-hatred, a kind of running away from oneself

and our fear that we’ve left something undone, our franticness makes righteous action deeply unattractive,

because in such a state we show the world we really don’t believe we’re free or have cause to rejoice

brought to tears first at the fickleness of the crowds, displayed in the juxtaposition of Jesus’ arraignment mere days after his triumphal entry

and then brought to more tears at the juxtaposition of Mary’s memory of running to little Jesus, and Jesus falling under the weight of the cross

also, remember St. Simon of Cyrene, whose actions I saw in strong parallel to ours

c.8:30-9:30, gas

11:57, see above

throughout this period and even now (1:26am), there’s been a headache over my eyes and at my temples

"I have terrific headache" —FDR’s last words


work ethic: better,

washed dishes and hung up clothes today

still missing phone charger though


mood: fair,

nevertheless (but actually more reluctantly) I went to funky town this afternoon

let today be my last day

my feet were washed, and so be it for my soul too